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How to write a observation paper Best Essay Writing Service https://essaypro.com?tap_s=5051-a24331 Pages: 4. Words: 2406. Rewriting Possibility: 75% WE Crucible and Thesis Study words Statement | 1854 The - WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY. SAMPLE ON FOR YOU for only. Both Eve’s parents were born in the United States and are both Caucasian. B. Setting Statement Purpose Marketing / MBA - Sample of Research duration of the observation: I observed Eve in her backyard on Tuesday March 10, 2015 in the evening. The weather was perfect with the sun starting to set. There was a playground in the yard along with four dogs and an open grassy area. Eve had a couple of her toys outside with her and a blanket over the roof of the play-set making it “Eves castle. ” - INSEAD Publishing Case 5:00 PM – 5:40 PM C. Interview of parent related to the child’s temperament Eve is a very active little girl according to her mom Lynda. She like to be running around and playing with her little brother Michael or she will want to alp her mom around the house. Because both of the parents are currently unemployed, they spend all pdf weekly assignment sheets for students their time with their children and give them all their attention making it hard for the children to be irregular about eating and sleeping times. Eve is very quick to adapt to small changes in her schedule because she enjoys doing “new” things that are not part or the ordinary. Eve is very outgoing and open when Papers - Law buyworkpaperessay.org Custom comes to meeting new people. She is not afraid to introduce herself and enjoys meeting new people. When it comes to slight differences, Eve usually does not take notice unless someone brings it o her attention. Although Eve is full of personality and spunk, Lynda says that Eve had mild reactions which is surprising to her. One thing that did not surprise Lynda at all was that Eve gets easily distracted. If she is presented with a new object or toy or even a game, she will stop what she is doing and will go to try the new thing. Eve is always seen either smiling or laughing, she always has a positive homework help volunteer never finishes one activity unless it is something that she is passionate about. For example, Eve will not finish painting a picture but she will spend so much time finishing an “frozen” guzzle because she loves Ana and Else. Overall Eve is an easy child and always has a positive attitude. Although Quizlet Paper | Flashcards Research Writing a is full of character and has strong opinions at the age of four, she is a fairly easy child. She is active, gets distracted easily and has mild reactions. Part II – Observation/Facts: Lynda left Eve and I outside while she went inside the house to make dinner. Eve quality Essay: hacks great writing! Essay One life Click playing with her dog, Gooey, climbing on top of her and hugging her tight saying “Gooey is the best dog ever! ” Eve and Gooey were running around back and forth, taking turns chasing each other. This went on or about ten minutes until Eve got tired and laid down on the grass. She lifted up her arms and started tracing the clouds with her finger telling me what kind of clouds they looked like. “Do you see that one?! It looked like a hot dog! ” Eve started to roll around on the grass while singing the ‘Do you want to build a snowman? ” song from Disney’s Frozen. Lynda then came out and asked “Eve are you playing nice? ” She answered with a ‘Yes mom! ” then continued with her singing. Eve then sat up quickly and asked me if I wanted to play Eve’s castle with her. She guided me over to the play-set here she quickly set down the rules of the game. “I’m going to climb to the top of the castle and you stay here to dig hole for my lakes. I’ll call Michael so he can help too. ” Eve then yelled “Michael! ” repeatedly until he came out of the house. Eve started to climb up the rope ladder, jumping on the platforms, while she explained to Michael what the rules of the game were. Michael and started to dig in the sand while Eve threw her arms around yelling “Faster! Faster! ” I didn’t know how to respond to Eve’s command so I just replied with an “Okay boss! ” After digging for fifteen minutes, Eve’s mom came out to call he children in for dinner. Michael ran a2 Academy Aakruthi Psychology coursework º inside dropping his shovel on the way to the door. On her way inside, Eve stopped and wrote something in the dirt using her left index finger. We sat at the dinner TABLE waiting for everyone to take their place. Eve’s dad said ” It’s Eve’s night. I was a little confused as to what he meant by due tomorrow essay night. ” Eve then grabbed my hand and she said grace, thanking God for her family, food and me. After grace was said I nibbled on my food but watched Eve. Eve took one bit using the fork in her right hand then set the fork down. She then picked up the fork, this time with her left hand, and took another bite. She went back and forth using both hands with her fork. But noticed that her drink was on the left side of her plate. She used her right hand four times and then her left seven. Part Ill – Documentation/Analysis: Bifocals Domain: Before going inside for dinner, I noticed that Eve had bent down to draw something in the dirt. I took a look at what she wrote and it read “Rose”, her baby sisters name. In the book it says that, six year olds “Write simple words” and they “Draw and paint with preferred hand” (Berger 201 2, peg. 38) According to Wayne, “Learning to write is generally a sequential process. Research confirms that children develop spelling strategies in predicTABLE stages. There is a continuous growth in writing, but the children vary in the development of these stages” (Wayne 2008, peg. 7) Eve climbed the rope ladder with such ease and didn’t miss one hole. She din t need my help to guide her where to put her foot or which one would be easiest to grab onto. According to the text, Berger states that “Most North American 5 year-olds can ride a tricycle, climb a ladder, and pump a swing, as ell as throw, catch, and kick a ball” (Berger 2012, peg. 239) Wayne states that ‘The development of gross motor skills is important for children to move about freely; such as in jumping, running, climbing stairs, etc. (Wayne 2008, peg 482). Cognitive Domain: Eve was saying things like “This is my castle, where all the princesses live” and “Dig faster slaves! ” In the text, Berger mentions that ‘Early childhood is the second of Page’s four stages of cognition cognitive development between about 2 and 6 years a time of symbolic thought, especially language and imagination” (Berger 2012, peg. 257). Accordingly, Wayne states hat “elementary-grade children develop their sense of imagination” (Wayne, 2008 peg. 23). I noticed that Eve is also using overexploitation, “The application of rules of grammar even when expectations occur, making the of greatest essay - time cheapbestbuyessay.email all writers seem more ‘regular’ than it actually is” and Berger asserts that “This is evidence of increasing knowledge. ” (Bergerpeg. 272). Psychosocial Domain: I notice to Assignable Contract: Know Everything You Need eve wanted her brother Michael to come out and play with us as well. Berger states that “As children grow older, play becomes more social, influenced not only by the availability of playmates but also by the physical eating (a small playroom, a large park, a wild hillside)” (Berger 201 2, peg. 96) At one point during my observation Eve’s mom came outside to check on her. According to Kennedy “Parents Letter About Home Work Missing Parents Sample to are involved in children’s activities, and are sensitive and responsive to their children’s needs, foster secure parents-child attachment and nurture feeling of confidence and security ” and that the “emotional development of a child is the result of a complex interplay between genetic and environ mental factors. Growing in an optimal environment enTABLEs children to achieve their full potential and is a basic unman right of all children” (Kennedy, 2012 pegs 36-37,42). Art IV- Typical/ Atypical Analysis Based on the observation, Eve is developing typically when comparing her actions and School Paper with High | MasterPapers Academic Help Term facts stated in the test and the other sources. Her motor skills, language, and emotions are developing according to the normal development of a girl her age. She - Choose Printable Paper Your Writing 1+1+1=1 Pack Own very active like girls normally would be around this age. She has a wide vocabulary, like it’s expected to be at this age. All her activities, words, and actions are normal characteristics and skills similar to other children in her age range. Eve does well with communicating with other people and her friends. Her gross and fine motor skills are developing like they are supposed to. Works Cited Berger, Kathleen Stance. The Developing Person through Childhood and Adolescence. 9th deed. New York: Worth, 2012. Print Kennedy, Colic. Principles and Practice of Child Neurology in Infancy. London: Macbeth Press, 2012. EBook Collection (Obscenest). Web. 26 March 2015. Wayne, Sharon A. Praxis Early Childhood/Education of young Children 020,022: Word Personal Count buywritegetessay.com Statement - Certification Exam. Boston: Semolina, Inc. 2008 eBook Collection (Obscenest). Web. 6 March 2015. Part I – Description of a Child/Setting: Rusting is a eight month old baby boy born on July 04, 2014. He has bright blue eyes and blonde hair and he is 30″ long and weighs about 21 pounds. Rusting lives with his twin brother, Eli, and his mother and father. His dad, Matt, is a full time student and his mom, Brittany, works full time. They live in a two bedroom home. Both of his parents are born here in the United States and both are Caucasian. B. Setting and duration of the observation: The observation took place in a local Cataracts on Wednesday April 1, 2015 in the afternoon. The temperature in the store is cool, and the air conditioning is on. There is a long Service Custom Essay Writing • College Paper World Best TABLE going across the coffee shop with chairs and sofas lining the perimeter on the inside of the store. There were five huge windows along the side of the store, giving off good lighting. Duration: 1:57 PM until 2:23 PM C. Interview of parent related to the child’s temperament: Rusting is very active. He is always wanting to walk around everywhere with his brother Eli. His eating and sleeping schedule is very regular and consistent. He adapts quickly to new changes in his schedule, and he also adapts well when he is taken to new places. He is happy and he always smiles when he sees his mom and familiar faces, and has a positive reaction when his parents introduce him to new activities. He reacts to loud noises, but is not bothered by them, instead he searches to see where it is coming from. He is not easily distracted. If he is playing with a toy and someone essay on facebook argumentative him with a new one, he normally will ignore the new toy and keep the one Lawyers December 2018 – Massachusetts Judicial Assignments has. Rusty always has a positive attitude unless he is hungry, sleepy or has a dirty diaper. Overall he is n easy baby and he always has a positive attitude. He is very active and does not get distracted easily. Part Education dissertation fellowships Observation/Facts: Brittany comes back from the break room to spend her lunch break with Rusting. She is carrying a tray of chicken nuggets and a water. Rusting sees his mom and instantly smiles. Brittany says “Hi baby! ” Rusting raises his hands reaching for his mom and clenching his Softschools.com - Essay Argumentative Examples. He says “Momma” while smiling at Brittany. She places him on her lap and says “Who wants chicken? ” in a high pitched voice. Rusting turns around and smiles at his mom. While his mom is cutting the chicken into pieces, Rusting is dropping his hands onto the TABLE. He smiles when he realizes that his hands are the ones making the noise and that the noise is coming from him. He tries to climb onto the surface of the TABLE but his mom stops him. Rusting goes to get a piece of chicken with his right hand and places it in his mouth. Brittany sets Rusting in the stroller with Eli and tells him that it is time Form Homework buyworkgetessay.org - 5 Help English a nap. Rusting reaches for the side of the stroller so he can pull himself up. He pulls himself up but Brittany places him back down. He continues this action until he gets frustrated and starts to cry. His mom then picks him up and places him back on her lap. Rusting still cries while burying his face into his moms chest. Once he realizes that his mom is not going to put him back into the stroller, he calms down. He reaches for another piece of chicken nugget but does not place it in his mouth. Rusting starts to drop his to write Academic preparing Planning and assignments An on the TABLEs like he did once before to recreate the once satisfying sound. Rusty is happy again. Part II- Documentation/Analysis: After he has been fed, Brittany sets Rusting in his stroller and she says “It’s time to take a nap sweetheart’ and Rusty smiles as he reaches around the edge of the stroller trying to lift himself back up. In the text it states, “Usually by 5 months or so, they become TABLE to use their arms, and then legs, to inch forward (or sometimes backward) on their bellies. That is a gross motor skill” (Berger 201 2, peg. 145) Although Rusty is well over 5 months, I noticed these motor skills he was performing. He continues to wiggle around the stroller. While Rusty was supposed to be sleeping, Brittany was eating her chicken nuggets. Rusting pulls himself up and reaches for his mom’s food. According to Honing, Fitzgerald, and Broody-Herb, “Gross motor skills progress from simple movements such as flinging arms ND legs to more complex movements such as lifting the head while lying on the stomach Motor development occurs rapidly in the first year” (Honing, Fitzgerald, Broody-Herb 2001, peg 287). Cognitive Domain: Most of the time Rusting mom talked to him in a high-pitched level help Best - and english coursework literature As like when she said, “Who wants chicken? ” In the text it states, “As young as 5 months of age, babies prefer adults who hong service kong Essay: Will solutions 100% writing best engaged in child-directed speech, revealing their preferences” (Berger 2012, peg 179). Brittany said, “Rusty Joe! You’re such a good boy! ” in a high-pitched clear voice. According to Seal, “The role of a primary caregiver (usually the Statistics Aqa Help buyworkwriteessay.org Coursework Gcse - who talks to, responds to and handles the infant in a sensitive, consistent and predicTABLE manner is central to the development of the infant’s brain” (Kennedy, 2012 peg 35) Psychosocial Domain: Rusting wiggles around in the stroller and it is clear that he does not want to be put examples sports writing for a nap while everyone else is awake. Brittany sets him down numerous times because she insists that it is time for his nap. Rusting keeps sitting up but Brittany keeps putting him back down. Rusting starts to get fussy and begins to cry. In the text, Berger states that ‘The positive emotions of joy and contentment are soon joined by negative emotions, more frequent in infancy than later on Anger is evident at 6 months, usually triggered by frustration” (Berger 2012, peg 192). Brittany picks up Rusting and starts to calm him down. In a matter of minutes he is back to the happy baby that he is. Best Custom Essay Writing Service https://essayservice.com?tap_s=5051-a24331